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7HFPS, soundscapes, non-violent, art game

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TreeScape is a FPS game about nature, soundscapes and acoustic ecology. Shoot trees to listen what they are saying. Explore the landscape and play with light and sound to experience TreeScape. There is no winning but the aim is to create your own soundscape and think about soundscapes in the real world. Move with w,a,s,d. Look with mouse. Shoot with left mouse button. Press "ESC" to return to menu. TreeScape is a game created in 3:45 hours. The sound design is non-existent as I did not have time to record, synthesize or search probably for a sound library ( I only did fade outs and just that took like an hour). The sounds that are used comes from: http://archive.org/details/Sounds_of_Nature_Collection Title font from http://www.dafont.com/nature.font I did not have time to fix some bugs so instead commented them out. ie : No walking sounds, collision detection is not perfect. Mac and Linux versions are not tested. The 3D assets come from Unity. I could have used a smaller area and employ the same concepts to have tighter game. (My bad) I also did not have time to set the shadows (or sound effects), which is sad for me because 7DFPS provided trial for Unity Pro... Of course, the main menu is only functional without any design... It is finished but as you can imagine it is at best a prototype. Please leave a comment! Thanks! Now to lunch at 6:00pm and then back to play the other games!
xvart says...
A late post but the updated version for 7dfps is available here: http://7dfps.com/?action=games&id=295
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