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Fear the Terrain

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Aims: Learn C#. Learn Unity. Have playable multiplayer game in 7 days. You have a flying avatar in a more or less linear game world which is continually created at one end and consumed at the other. This will force you to forever move through the world, or be consumed with it. It moves quite fast, but you can backtrack quickly and survive without too much trouble.
Skwint says...
Day1: I can fly around a procedural world and ... blow bubbles. No, really. I'm proud of the world. The bubbles not so much.
Skwint says...
Day2: mulitplayer works. For a suitable definition of works. Click Here to Play It will almost certainly fall to pieces when the creator of the room leaves the game, and there's no way to respawn without disconnecting, but you can fly around and see what you think of the world.
Skwint says...
Day 3: multiplayer actually really works. Join, shoot each other, respawn and disconnect. The world needs to be faster and a few things like lists of connected players and scores are missing, but we're getting there I think.
Skwint says...
Day 4: The game is actually complete. It has some bugs. It has some game play tweaks needed (larger birds). But, basically, it's complete. I'm ticking the "finished" button now. I'll make improved versions over the next 3 days, but my target of getting to grips with C# and unity and making a playable game has been reached.
Skwint says...
Day 5: Interpolated network data. Definitely feels much smoother now. Birds big enough to shoot with reasonable accuracy. Now correctly hands over maintenance of the procedural world to another player when the game initiator disconnects. Added sensitivity and reverse-y-axis options, and added 2 alternative skins for the birds.
Skwint says...
Day 6: Day of rest. Real life happened. I did make a native windows build as a special request, but I've changed nothing of the game. I think Hawk is going to stand as a completed 5DFPS. If I was to add just one more thing it would be sound effects.
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