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Fat Yourself
by besomba | submitted for 7dfps |



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Fat fat fat fat fat fat, traps

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You are an Adipose (a humanoid creature made of 100% fat), and you have to survive in a "Player versus Player versus Environment" arena. You can't kill your opponent by shooting them, but you can eject them on the map's traps. To help you, use your fat-arm launcher, your hook, and some flesh mine. When you shoot with your fat-arm launcher, or you drop a mine; you lose weight, and height. If your are too tiny, you can't shoot any more. You can collect greases on pop-points, or collect greases from "fat-bullet" whose miss a player. As said before, the basic gameplay is eject the opponents on traps, so more you are fat, less you interact with bullets, hooks and mines. If the time is great with us, we will add mobs waves, and a boss to defeat to complete the map. (failed, not enough time :'( ) Conclusion: We did two game mods: Race and Deathmatch. But unfortunately, we haven't any time to create real maps. Only demo maps exist. sorry. Enjoy, and remember, don't kill your friends, eject them in the traps !
tnerb says...
I love this
sparkes says...
That Adipose is going to get some love after the jam :) I vote that instead of mobs you spawn moobs (http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/moob)
Several says...
Inside the textboxes, I see solid grey-textured rects instead of letters. Not sure if that's to do with a font that's not on my computer, a shader that I don't support, or something else. I'm using a year-old mac.
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