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ARF (Armoured Robot Fighter)
by Packer | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
Why be constrained by fleshy bits when you can be as fast as a machine.

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Release 0.5! After couple of days of work, I'm ready for the first release. Its a basic Deathmatch game with 3 unique weapons. It has one level (arena) and 2 choices, with or without bots. It also has online support so you can test with friends or a group up to 8 players, 8 players and 3 bots if you choose to host with bots. Basic on screen tutorial is in the main menu ARMOURED ROBOT FIGHTER (ARF) ARF is a fast paced FPS, the idea is to give players faster movement and overall control than to restrict them to a small movement and taking cover. Things such as using ramps to launch yourself into the air, jet packs to enhance your flight time. Current Aimed Features (in no particular order) *Online Deathmatch *Single Player Support *Large open areas *Multiple unique weapons
Mr. Dobagel says...
It is a pretty fun game, but it is really hard to hit people.
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