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Hypercube Arena
by polycube | submitted for 7dfps |



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4-dimensional deathmatch

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Hypercube Arena is multiplayer deathmatch fps set on the surface of a 4D hypercube. It's a 3D space that is folded in the 4th dimension. Made with XNA by polycube and gummikana. The download contains a client and a server. You must have the server running to play the game, or it will appear frozen on startup. controls: wasd to move/mouse to aim/left click to fire space - jump o - switch to edit mode In edit mode: right click: place cube shift+right click: remove cube p - give all weapons g - toggle gravity q - up (while gravity is turned off) z - down (while gravity is turned off) i - place item i - cycle items (while aiming at item) shift+i - remove item (while aiming at item)
JW says...
super cool!!!
rudo says...
This is so freaking awesome! One problem though: It doesn't seem to work on Windows 8, even with compatibilty mode. It does work with Windows 7.
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