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co-perception exploration

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Find your way around a maze using your senses in a new way. Normal FPS games use 2 or 3 senses to describe the environment and the players position in it. The primary senses are Sight and Sound with a secondary for Touch where haptic devices are used. This game uses those well supported feedback mechanisms to describe senses that humans either do not posess or are not clearly defined and understood. Your position in the world is covered by the overlap of multiple senses such as equilibrioception, proprioception, echolocation and magnetoreception just like if they were your only senses. Along with an accurate chronoception displayed to you in 100/second resolution. Obviously you don't have those senses so they are displayed to you using senses you do own. 8 Tutorial levels teach you the interface and then you are on your own dropped into mazes you can't see with a difficulty level that is pure 1983. Have fun. If it gets too frustrating I hear there is a new Call of Duty coming out soon. Windows, Mac and Linux binaries plus Unity Web Player.
I was going to write a post about how yet another person has (perhaps coincidentally) used the same idea (synesthesia [alternate spelling]) as us, but you have used it in a different and creative way, so I look forwards to seeing this game, it looks pretty cool, good luck :D
sparkes says...
Hi, FKProductions. I saw you'd used Synesthesia in your description before I picked the title for mine. Didn't want too much overlap. Your's is one of the games I've got my eye on already. Can't wait to see what a bunch of folks are putting together.
kopy says...
Oh cool! I will learn to play no eyes when I have more time.
Cheeseness says...
Oh wow, this is great! What a great way of mapping alternative senses to ones we're familiar with. Thanks for providing a Linux build :)
AndrewAPrice says...
Great game, but so frustrating!
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