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Core Meltdown
by Krees9116 | submitted for 7dfps |



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Cogwheel Games Core Meltdown

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So, here is the first screen of my upcoming game, Core Meltdown. A few words about the game: My goal: Create a fast paced, simple fps with cartoon style graphics. Aim of the game: Defend the reactor which is located in the center of the map against security bots. Developing: Not so long ago I made a short survival horror fps, called The Room (http://gamejolt.com/games/adventure/the-room/9224/). The base engine is same, but I made many improvements eg.: better jumping, guns and shooting, multiple floors etc. Now you can move, jump, shoot and use ammo and healthpacks. Modelling in GM8 is hard, so I solved it a simpler way. I'll use only basic shapes like cube and sphere. Gameplay and future plans: Enemies will come in waves like in tower defense games and if you kill one, you'll get some credits. Between the waves you can buy health, ammo and maybe upgrades for your weapon. Hopefully I can finish it within the last 6 days.
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