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Ned Kelly's Last Stand
by The Kelly Gang | submitted for 7dfps |



Tag line
A game of survival

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Mirror Play Australian folk legend Ned Kelly during his last stand against the Victorian police. TIP: You're incredibly vulnerable without your armour - get some distance from the police officers before heading to the other house to collect it. Featuring:
  • Steel body armor and helmet to help you survive the shootout
  • Pixellated Australiana
  • Cockney accents
  • Heroic, folk inspired music
  • A variety of beards!
(Didn't complete all these) Members: Kalonica Quigley 3D models, animation and textures. Angus Michael Victor Arnold Sound effects and music. Arden Beckwith Digital painting. Rhys van der Waerden Programming.
Rabbitlancer says...
Hehe, "PAYDAY - The Australian Solo"? =P
Harry says...
i approve remember at this time ned had a spencer carbine, 1851 and 1849 colts, double barreled shotties, and "bessy" his sawn off pistol made out of an 1853 enfield rifle but historically he couldnt use any of the longarms when in the suit, so pistols are the only really accurate ones :)
Grunewald says...
Cool story, so he really ran around with that bucket on the head. They took him down with 28 bullets to the legs and knees. Huh, too bad he didn't have had knee armor. Make the player view the game through this tiny bucket visor.
gheeDough says...
Fantastic idea! And +1 on the bucket visor - that's almost a must really, unless you use a stealth mode for sneaking up on cops. Looking forward to this :D
gheeDough says...
Ping me if you want a fast-ish Melbourne-based VPS for hosting this - I'm not using it for anything at the moment. guido at gautsch.net Cheers, Guido
Several says...
The main link is down, it seems—only the mirror worked. I'm having trouble placing my finger on what is making this so replayable for me. The mixture of absurdity and the historical anecdote help. The music helps. The reloading mechanic and accumulating, vision-obscuring smoke definitely help. The dangerous dash for the armor also helps, as do headshots. But does all this together make a little apparently-endless-wave-shooter strangely compelling? Apparently so. Kudos! (Ah, the end screen helps, too. Well done in the humor department.)
Alchiggins says...
Lots of great ideas! Lots of great little moments in such a short little game -donning the helmet, getting up after getting knocked down the first time (totally unexpected twist right there ). Freaking awesome.
Kastuk says...
Nice but laggy. Need downloadable version!
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