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4 (pronounced "sardinelauncher")
by GreaseMonkey | submitted for 7dfps |



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Don't worry, I don't understand this either.

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4 (pronounced "sardinelauncher") is a raytraced 4D FPS, played on the insides of several axis-aligned tesseracts. I am not making this up. You will need a CPU capable of handling SSE2 at the very least. Multi-core system highly recommended. Your GPU must be capable of blitting images to the screen. Controls: WASD = Move Q/E = Move along W axis R/F = Move along Y axis Space = Jump Right Mouse Button = Swap W and Z axes for motion / viewing Scroll = Rotate through W and Z axes Left Mouse Button = Shoot Note, DO NOT PLAY THIS ON THE OPEN INTERNET. There's also some other flames in readme.txt, including two very good reasons WHY. Ask the server owner who killed who :)
kopy says...
Wow, this is impressive! I have questions. Would love to read the source laters.
0c0 says...
Looks really interesting, could you capture a video of it?
Tokiwartooth says...
So you honestly couldn't be more helpful in the readme, eh? I mean, it looks like a cool game 'n all, but not all people "Have enough braincells", as you unwittingly put it. The closest I got to launching was getting ".......4.exe -c address port" in the CMD, where it then tells me "Couldn't connect!" Okay, couldn't connect to what? Am I litterally supposed to open ports to host a local thing? Hard to get good publicity if you're being being a bit of an ass by not telling people how to launch it, and then insulting them by them not being able to launch it, or even making it somewhat more simple to launch.
Cheeseness says...
Would be super awesome if you could pop your readme up onto the github repo. After a bit of make file fiddling I got this running on Fedora. I haven't had a chance to play it multiplayer, but the concept is pretty neat and it's interesting to navigate even without an opponent ^_^
GreaseMonkey says...
@Tokiwartooth - From an asshole to an asshole: Z:homebenDesktopappage4>4 usage: 4 -c address port -- for clients 4 -s port map -- for servers e.g. 4 -s 14444 dat/shortcut.4lv Z:homebenDesktopappage4> I get the feeling that you quite literally tried to connect to "address" with a port number of "port" (which gets parsed as the number 0), where there's already an easy example given by the executable that will get you straight into the game. As this is a multiplayer game, however, it's important that you understand how to connect and how to host a server. No, I am not writing a GUI for you. That takes far too much effort, and Windows is not my target platform so there is no way that you are getting a GDI job. My effort was mostly spent on getting a realtime raytracer working, and I had almost no time left to upload by the time I hacked together the networking code. Also, where is your entry? It seems that not only are you excessively impatient, but you also didn't bother even trying to make a game.
Doomstruck says...
I got the game working but all I can see is what I am assuming to be the skybox. I'm guessing my GPU doesn't have whatever the stuff you said in the description was.
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