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FlipFlop: A portmortem
So, this is a bit late, but got distracted by Ludum Dare and such :) What went well? What went badly? What's next? And now, a forum! -------------------------------------------- What went well?
  • Game idea! Okay so, first off, I had completely forgotten about Flip'd from last year, although it might've subconsciously been in the back of my mind! I was originally gonna make an arena-based FPS with flipping in, and when I was programming that I threw in the wall walking as well to test it -using them together seemed like an awesome mechanic for a puzzle game, so I went with it!
  • Feedback from IRC and friends The feedback I got from people was absolutely invaluable. Some of the best feedback I got was from getting a friend to sit down and play to the game infront of me (This is what caused a couple of those arrows to be thrown in, giving you slight hints where to go).
  • Level design Most of the level design seemed to go pretty well - Almost all the levels had shortcuts designed into them, and I wanted to get gold/silver/bronze time ranking into it, but didn't have the idea until too late sadly!
What went wrong? :(
  • Bugs! Horrible bugs! There was a few awful bugs I didn't have time to fix before submission. The worst offender was a slight collision bug where you'd occasionally get completely stuck in a wall. Yeah. That wasn't fun. And somehow (even though I could barely reproduce it), I swear it happened every time someone was streaming or recording it! Caught someone streaming my game on twitch, and when this happened (on level 3 I think), they called it "Worthless and broken" and quit the game. Pretty saddening. :(
  • Forgot to bake lighting on a whole level (whoops)
------------------------------------------------ As a side note, I also added a donation link on the site - Not so much to try and get money, just rather more of an experiment to see if anyone would donate anything at all. Sadly, nobody did! That was what I expected tbh, so ah well :) I also discovered apparently a LOT of people won't read the controls for a game before playing it, so most people didn't know shift was to walk. ------------------------------------------------ The game seems to have been received really well (My rough estimate says it's been played by >800 people!), and I've had a lot of great feedback, covered on serveral websites, and there's even been a few let's plays of it! Thanks to everyone that played it, wrote about it, linked it to their friends, made a video on it, etc! <3 What's next for flipflop? I'm planning to keep working on it! The plan is that I'll get an artist on board, and flesh it out into a full game, with a plot and everything! :) I've made a forum to get feedback and discuss the game with people, if anyone would like to help out, or just keep up on the game, please make an account! Forum: http://flipflop.jacobkeane.co.uk/forum/
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