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Ambitious ideas - Take 2..
Howdy folks. LokisSword here again, for a second bite of the 7DFPS cherry! (To say I may have been slightly obsessed with this years jam is possibly an understatement). Last year was the first jam I'd ever participated in and I felt really energised to work on my project ([additive]). I even made the deadline and released something that was at least playable and vaguely pretty... See video attached! I used BlitzBasic3D - a Basic language binding of DirectX7. This was a tool I had previous experience of and I benefited from being able to rip some code from previous projects. However its barebones nature really slowed down my development (i.e. no scripting, no visual editor, no OOP, having to write particle systems / events / AI pathing / setting up collision volumes manually in code). This really meant that I ended up with an 80% time investment in "engine" tech and not enough left to really round out the game concept, which I still hold is a good one! :D This year I'm moving to Unity3D - hopefully a move that will mean I've got more time to develop the feel of the game and less on tech. Whilst I've not used Unity before, I'm *relatively* comfortable with C# as it's the language I'm currently migrating my -employed- coding to. This is also the first time I'm intending to live-stream and blog (anything!), it won't be 24/7 as I'll be at work during the day, but hopefully from 8pm GMT each day I'll be LIVE on Twitch! I also intend to be in the 7DFPS IRC channel as much as possible to chip in ideas, catch the gossip and offer encouragement and quite possibly beg for Unity help :P As for my idea - I'll not say much more than "Messiah". Should mean something if you were a gamer in 2000 :) Good luck to everyone participating this year! I look forward to playing your games.
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Cheeseness says...
Exciting! Best of luck :D
Enemby says...
I used to use Blitz! Definitely didn't get as far as you though. ;)
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