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Over the past two weeks I have been cogitating a semblance of an idea for a fun and interesting game. So far I have three ideas to expell. Before continuing, it should be noted that there has been no research put into some of these ideas, their feasibility, or if they already exist. First up is more like a clashing of two games; Jet Set Radio and Quake III. You are a part of a team who must spray paint areas controlled by the other team while also maintaining your territory. It's a reasonably non-violent game for the most part (except for when players collide with other players or fall from great heights, causing damage) and would be neat with a motion controller and an Oculus Rift, but I digress. Next is a game I've been ricocheting in my mind since 2008. This is just a fun idea and if it was 7MFPS, then I would definitely be doing this. Initially, I was thinking about Worms 3D (a game which I still haven't played) when looking at the game, I thought it would be cool to play this in first person and restrict the amount of the level you could see. Although the goal would be to capture the other team's flag instead of blowing them up (though that would also be fun). All players in the game can destroy the geometry, but only one player can add geometry via a (for lack of a better term) terraingun, or maybe geometrygun. This would add variety in the map, by allowing your team to tunnel their way into the opposing team's flag site (the flags would be indicated via waypoints, except for when your flag is in control of the other team), then you can fill the hole created while the other team is frantically trying to get to your base to take their flag back. Again, this would be great if there was more time and I had researched voxels. Lastly, a plain first-person shooter like Quake. When I say like Quake, I mean running on some DOS varient. Mainly this would be for fun and it would also be one Hell of a challenge to do it even with a 3D software renderer already in place. I have started on it, but I got caught up in real life and also thinking that it probably isn't possible to achieve in the time allotted. I also have another idea, but it's way too big and would require a 7YFPS. Anyway, I'm going to work on setting up a do-nothing starting point program in preparation for the jam. The game will run on Linux and Windows and will require OpenGL 3.2+. I think the first idea seems the most reasonable to do.
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Jet Set Radio fan here urging you to go with that idea! Great franchise that needs some love, or at least some imitation!
Baz says...
I like both the first 2 ideas (am thinking Splatoon for the first one?). Destructible terrain would be a very challenging one - but could be awesome. If an idea seems too big I often try to come up with a 'prototype/pre-cursor' game, which has just a couple of aspects of the full one.
Enemby says...
That first idea is awesome!
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