|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dat Firebase link.
Some idle tinkering seems to have gotten Firebase working well to send / receive basic messages in Unity, storing them in a remote database. A version of this written during the jam should make for some fun user-generated messages to be shared around :D Since I'm doing 7DFPS for #procjam, I might also let users enter a random seed, which then links their messages to their procedural world in particular. Since there's not infinite space for messages, I'll probably place surfaces around different dungeon rooms for messages to appear as you walk past. The reward for finding certain rooms will be being able to enter your own message :) Now I stop and think about it, this kinda reminds me of that temple-running game from the latest Ludum Dare... subconscious inspiration, perhaps? I'll take steps to not tread on that designer's feet creatively. I'm more interested in the players' ability to communicate with each other as though from another plane of existence, or ages gone by. I'd better get some sleep. Jam time in 7ish hours - good luck everyone!
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