|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
stage 0: initial ideas, rough schedule
Been wanting to do what I call a "risk legacy" analysis on something, which is just this simple brainstorming method Rob Daviau outlined somewhere... (ah, found it, first few minutes here: http://vimeo.com/82383614) Basically you: 1. list all the assumptions you have about a project going in 2. consider a what-if for each one: why is this an assumption, what if it wasn't? E.g., a few assumptions for FPS: -it's first person -you walk around looking at stuff -probably, at some point, you shoot things (and so on.. the list gets big quick..) Then you can start to ask: is this necessary? Usually you assume in an FPS you shoot things to harm them, what if shooting things helped them? (You get the TF2 medic, basically). You're usually surrounded by enemies, what if you were surrounded by allies? You want to shoot things, what if you didn't? What if you wanted to avoid hitting things? (And so on... you can get really crazy like: you assume there's gravity, or time goes in a linear direction, or.. space is Euclidean... what if it wasn't? What then? Anyway, I'll save it for tomorrow.) That's the theory anyway. I've been wanting to try it in earnest, this jam seems the perfect opportunity since it's designed around a genre (of sorts). Timing plan: (essential to any project I intend to actually finish -- I find it's best to cut the time approx in half: finish the game in the first half, make it better in the second.) 1. Saturday: if nothing else, come up with a good idea and have fun exploring hypotheticals with the above brainstorming method. Come up with a more fleshed-out schedule. 2. By Tuesday or Wednesday have a fully functional game. All essential gameplay included. This only gives us Sunday and a few evenings to basically make the core game. We'll target Tuesday but Weds is ok since I've got lots of time Friday. 3. Rest of the week is for polish, major bugs, tweaks, feel, unexpected disasters, extra art passes, etc.
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