|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Combining #7DFPS with #ProcGen. Busy at work, got family commitments, lots of DIY on TODO list and due to changing provider I'm without wired internet and relying on 4G and 3G connections. Combined with the weather really making my arthritis painful it should be interesting week :) Unlike last #7DFPS where I created something rather odd this one is going to be far more traditional. Also pretty sure this will be my first game release since last #7DFPS since leaving the industry and getting a job writing none-game code. Basically it's a walk around a procedurally generated island. That's it a walking simulator. Everybody loves walking simulators. I've got big plans for this game (actually a game and a serious game using the same engine) but the first step is creating an island with as many procedural features as possible and that is the aim for the pair of jams. I should have an island by the end of the day and some features of a semi-inhabited environment by the end of the week. I'd like paths, trackways, hedges, farm buildings and a village along with weather and day/night cycle but to be honest I'd be happy to have something that creates something that could exist in real life. First thing this morning I managed to get Substance Designer to create something I'm going to use as a height map. Now I just need to get Unity to allow me to use that data in the game and hook up the customisable bits up to turn it into a real time procedural terrain. Next I'll hook up some Voronoi cells and use that to generate fields, paths, trackways ect. that will form the core of the work for the rest of the week as everything else is dependent on the Voronoi diagram for it's positioning.
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