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Concept and First Shots
I'm making a game where you have to shoot yourself. Sounds easy but I can ensure it will be not. First of all the weapon rotates with the body like it does in most FPS games so you can't just put the weapon to your head and pull the trigger! On the flipside the bullets are bouncing/reflecting while the environment will even make that hard (lots of space, few collisions). At least that is the plan. This is my first game jam and the first time I'm using UE4. I dived into some blueprint some days before it though. If anyone here using Blueprint as well give me a shout, maybe we can share tips and tricks. Here is the blueprint math for reflecting: http://i.imgur.com/u1QsdW3.jpg I had to get some help for that myself. For now I'm mostly experimenting will bullets and a laser. - They slow down heavily when they come close so you can jump in your own bullet. - They change direction when they come close and have only reflected once on a collision. - There is a laser (pointer) on right mouse that reflects multiple times. I will probably do lots of experimenting and then add real art later when I have some very small prototype levels. It is still very hard for a player to estimate reflections without the laser while the laser might make it too easy, so that is currently my biggest challenge. Figuring out the challenge when the goal is to kill yourself will be also not easy. Like: What is the game over then? I better get back to doing stuff, good luck everyone! If you like to follow my progress I'm on twitter here: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom Some first vines: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/530906531408404481 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/530908069862309889
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StanErbrink says...
Nice.. shoot the first person.
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