|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
7DFPS, I have to do it again!
All right, hello again guys! I'm fei, I did Hide and Seek last year, and I had a lot of fun! :D Although this time I'll have to work only after real work, so I won't be able to spent much time on this one. I had crazy cool ideas to make a solid sequel to hide and seek, with game design evolving around the doll you find in the first one, going deep into a creepy flesh world, but it's too ambitious. Nonetheless, I learned a lot about time managing and I know what I can do with my time. I think I can manage to speed run this challenge for a sweet little first person puncher, nothing really crazy on the AI this time but focus on fun and gameplay freshness, using Unity's mecanim's awesome system. I'll try to only do simple coding, with nice-but-fast-for-me-to-do artsanimations. I already quick sculpted an arm, took me an hour for the high and low poly, and uv unfolding. I'm rigging and skinning it right now, I think I won't texture anything and just do occlusion texturings, or think of a technique to make it look good while spending no time on it (maybe use an SSS shader or something like that.) I had several ideas for the theme, I could go horror again, which is easy for me because sculpting monsters is crazy fast with zbrush, and also if I manage to play with your imagination instead of my modelings... crazy amount of time saved, effects still maximized. I also had the idea of just making a bar fight game, with the right music it can be really fun... but again modeling a bar takes time, so go simple and efficient! Good luck everyone, let's do it! My indie games website : http://bionic-koala.com/
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