|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
stage 1: direction chosen!
Tried out the brainstorming method I've been wanting to try and it worked well. Almost too well! Now I have more ideas calling me than I can possibly do. It seems like going through the process of finishing a project should make your list of projects-to-do smaller? But its like the classic netflix queue paradox: the more movies you check off your list, the longer your list grows. Does this just end at death, with todo lists longer then they've ever been, never to be finished? That doesn't seem right somehow! Although maybe that explains the contents of Feynman's chalkboard at death: "Know how to solve every problem that has been solved." If that's a todo list, it's a monster. But back on topic... Some ideas I was tempted by: idea 1 - Permanence. Player doesn't have implicit control over time like every single game with a save/load system. Would probably have to be narrative-driven (as skill-based games almost *require* repeating moments in time). An exercise in making decisions matter, and forcing the player to adapt to and roll with their mistakes, instead of trying to eliminating them. ...rejected as too big and broad for this jam. idea 2 - No gravity. FPS in space. In spaaaaaace. Could be a lot of fun, maybe shooting to propel you? Full 360° looking around, you'd probably need some kind of control to rotate you around normal to the screen. No sure about a goal -- maybe trying to navigate through a series of room challenges a la portal, or maybe some kind of combat, maybe escaping a destroyed spaceship that lost atmosphere? idea 3 - A play on the no gravity concept, you control a small, agile bird. Changing direction too fast would lose your momentum. Flap wings to gain height/speed. Maybe goal is eating bugs out of the air? Like this idea, but the next is a bit of a simplification and refinement of it. idea 4 - FPSs nearly always sit the camera right at adult human head height: it makes sense, we're human. But what if the PC was too big? Or too small? What if you were tiny, just a point in space? Suppose you controlled a fly. Everything would seem giant. Suppose you were just a fly, trying to get outside, the way flies get stuck in windows... I think #4 is the winner: nice simple, small project. Perfect for the time available. It's basically a 3D maze. I also like this project because it will be mostly just modeling which is a weak point I've been wanting to practice. It also distills the genre to it's most basic form: simply moving and looking. We'll start on it and see how it goes, may pivot if it gets stale. Right on schedule so far, finished some other things early today so I'll have the afternoon to prototype, though not the evening. That'll be good because Sunday I have less time than today. Still targeting basic game completion Tues or Weds. Listening to a samba mix on songza, highlights so far: -Zumbi by Jorge Ben -Bala Com Bala by Elis Regina -Samba De Duas Notas by Luiz Bonfá It's a cold, windy, rainy day here. Perfect for gamedev! Random Bonus Video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qr12M8Ua_iA
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