|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Day 1 Wrap-Up
Hey, I'm DancingEagle, and it's been a long day working on this from day to night. My game takes place in a near-future world in which a giant governmental database on everyone's personal information, including location, is leaked and sold for the highest bidder. The database has also reached the hands of the questionable Unified Hitmen Group (UHG), which specialise in blending agents in the streets and killing targets quietly and efficiently in "rapid contracts". In the game you take the role of [Undecided], a rookie in the field taking mass rapid contracts. You must plan your hits as cocking and revealing your gun in the public will surely get the police and high security involved. The game randomly generates (using the most popular American names), creates targets and moves around NPCs, as your job is to look around for your target, eliminate it, and hide the body. First Day Progress: * Basic FPS controls and gun handling * Basic AI: Movement, generation and reaction to sound and the gun * Basic Game Management: Random target being chosen, eliminating it generates another, Basic game over when killing innocents * Basic UI elements: Current Target and status Future development will involve lure items, the security forces themselves, scoring, time trials, and sound effects and music courtesy of http://www.stanerbrink.com/
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cce says...
Hey sounds like you got plenty of stuff done already. Maybe the player name could be randomly picked from the most UNPOPULAR American names on each playthrough, just to contrast with the NPCs. Or why not Russian or Italian names?
DancingEagle says...
Actually I've gotten popular names from German, Russian and Israel, including some surnames from said countries.
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