|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Day 1
I got a ton of stuff done today, more than expected actually. The character is pretty much feature complete. It does have to be balanced still. It's kinda crazy actually. He's sliding and jumping all the over place right now, but no major bugs from what I can tell. I also got the base class for the enemies done. I'll use it to create 3-4 enemy types. Right now they can detect the player, shoot at him, turn their heads. Moving them around will be easy, as they're going to move along tracks in the levels. So it's going to be a pretty rigid experience, I think. I'm taking a lot of inspiration from Mark of the Ninja, so (insert game name here) is going to be almost a puzzle game as opposed to something like Thief. That's the other thing. I still haven't come up with a name yet. I've been trying to come up with a name related to 7DFPS, just because I kinda like FPS being an abbreviation for Fast Paced Stealth, but I'm not too keen on the idea. I also came up with Run N Hide, but it sounds too dis-empowering for the gameplay. Anyways, I want to finish up feature stuff for the enemies tomorrow so I can start designing and building the spaces, as there will be a decent amount of scripting in those as well. I also want to get a good start on the HUD stuff tomorrow. It's all debug messages at the moment, but I want to do some cool stuff there. We'll see. That's it from me today. Good luck everyone! Tonight!
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