|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Day 1 - Looking Around & Pushing Off Walls
My goal for 7DFPS this year is to make a first-person, zero-gravity movement system. No thrusters, no Descent-style physics. Just Newtonian physics, a space suit, and the force of your own limbs. Today, I got some of the absolute basics roughed in. The player can use the mouse to look around, seeing some of the inside of your space suit, hands, and lower legs. The player can also use the WASD and QE keys to add jerks of pitch, yaw, and roll using their arms/legs. If near a wall, you see a 3D cursor, and pressing Right Mouse will make you push off the wall from that point. NONE of this feels right, quite yet. Just got these systems in, did the minimum amount of tweaking to see that they function correctly, then moved on. Things I plan to add include grabbing onto hand-holds, flinging yourself in a direction while holding onto a hand-hold, animation of arms/legs when you torque yourself or kick off a nearby surface, and a proper environment. But good progress for the first day!
liked by fei, LokisSword, Davision
LokisSword says...
I'm liking the sound of this. Imagining Matrix like fire fights as players fly by each other, bumping into each other and corkscrewing away as they apply force to each other. Sounds fun!
Davision says...
Sounds like the perfect Oculus experience, especially when you can go upside down!
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