|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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RH2 has discovered the player can plain-just walk straight through walls. I have discovered the soda i'm drinking kills flies. We did a lot more arguing-I-mean-game-design-discussion yesterday (I think it's RH2's job to do good game design and my job to argue with him :) and this game is going to be way less tower-defencey than I first thought. The buildings are more of a temporary stall so the player can deal with enemies coming from another side. We're still going with shadeless I think; I hope, I think it can end up amazing if we design the art well. The custom rigidbody player is cool (says Teh_Bucket), we can do things like enemies' fire leading the player based on velocity, but you can plain-just walk straight through walls. RH2 is still asleep and I think I should start animating.
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