|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Dear Diary, today I killed myself.
...I stepped from one turd into the next one but then out of nowhere I finally managed to get myself killed! There have been cryptic errors, forced context sensitive editor shenanigans, crashes, disappearing editor functionality and other weird things like debug lines that got stuck in the editor view. But now I'm finally dead. Here is the last known recording of me: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531594441728196609 Buuuut I have made zero artwork yet! So I'm now gonna kill myself ...some more! Everything under control: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531477451604783105 Walk Through Wall Magic: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531479475381608448 Scary Ragdoll: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531480045949583360
Looks so nice! Can't wait to play this.
LokisSword says...
Loving this :) Ragdolls ftw!
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