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Amusing anecdote
So I was working on my game, Crypt of the Eyes. As you might be able to ascertain from the title, it's kind of horror-y. I had just thrown in some quick & dirty movement code for some enemy eyeballs, just so that they would move towards you. I'm not very well acquainted with 3d angles, so I never expected it to work. In the game's test level, I'd put all the eyes in a room without a roof. I peered through a window into the room. No eyes. "Damnit," I thought. "I must have programmed the movement wrong so then just flew off into space". I walked up some stairs to get to the top of the level, when suddenly, 5 BLOODY eyeballs come flying out of the top of the room, hurling straight for my face. Scared the crap out of me. I guess the movement worked after all. So, in conclusion, the key to making scary horror games is convincing the player that you've incorrectly programmed all the movement, and the enemies all flew away.
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LokisSword says...
Sounds like fun, some good gameplay comes from ai that can surprise the player like that!
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