|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Day 3: Light play with different bullets
As I played with bullets with a light attached yesterday I though of some neat ideas to play with those some more. I really like how moving lights bring a scene to life so I decided to make my game about playing with different kind of lights. So far I got 6 light-ideas, of which I've implemented 4.5 already. * White: Basic pain-bringer * Red: Explode in pain-bringerkids * Green: Sticky glowsticks * Orange: Bright flair that slowly falls after ignition * Purple: (50% implemented) Scout with camera * Blue: (no work done yet) Some powersource, used in some kind of puzzel mechanic. Work of today: - Implementing different bulletes. - Static enemies that can die and drop pickup-able bullets of different types. - Inventory (only behind the scenes so far, might need interface). - Improved ammo display on gun (still somewhat wip). I might post a video later to show my progress in action :)
liked by LokisSword, Baz
LokisSword says...
I have found a fellow soul who likes firing lights! My last years game was all about the same thing :) http://7dfps.com/?action=games&id=287 Keep it up!
SojaBird says...
Nice work on that game from last time :D looks super neat! I just totaly love darkness, very easy to create a cool mood imho :) Thanks and keep it up yourself as well
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