|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Concept art!
Hey fellow game designers. We (Siewart van Wingerden, Thomas Deinum, Joris Daniel, Daniel van Pel & Peter Verzijl ) are also joining the 7DFPS!! We are making a game inspired on shadow of the colossus and metroid prime where you shoot, jump and air-dash your way trough one dungeon to awaken the beast and of course, slay it. You scale the beast to find the dungeon and get the abilities. And then scale the beast again to make it rest once and for all! Short story: You must defeat the beast like so many have done before you. Earn your adultship in the eyes of your tribe and show them what you are made off. To become a true warrior like your father. But are you worthy?
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luke.brown says...
Inspired by shadow of the colossus, sounds interesting, I loved that game. Good luck
Thanks! I will post an early build of the game online within a few minutes. It has no gameplay yet, but you can move around and find the colossus we have created so far. Hope you'll enjoy!
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