|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Early day 4 progress: Interface and optimization
(Sorry for the shitty recording) Day 4 already and I don't have much of a game or game idea yet, only the basic function stuff. Still it's pretty fun so far but I really need to start working on some kind of goal and at least do some level design. Now I figured out that open spaces in my game are pretty "scary" and tall buildings packed togeter with small alleys also work pretty neat since they make some nice light/shadow play. So I'll propably can go with simple layouts for the level which is a relieve. The progress of today so far has mostly been me struggeling with some optimization allowing me to update stuff more easily without doing too much code. For example, I can now pass a class to the interface-components which automaticly update the ammo-numbers instead of having to call an UpdateNumbers function. Then I've worked on the interface and did some polish on some of the projectiles I have so far. Progress of the day - Interface - Code optimization - Fixed texture problem with 3D text-renderes
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