|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Writing a procedural world game is a good test of an engine. Will it let me do what I want, or am I basically making a mod of what the engine author wants? And 7DFPS is such a great time to do put them to the test. "Will this thing let me innovate?" 2012 I learned Ogre and made a procedural island. Painful to get started, but easy to do the procedural bit once I was. 2013 I learned Unity and it was very easy to start. The procedural bit was annoying, but easy enough that it was still faster and easier than ogre over all. 2014 I got Unreal Engine 4. It took me a day of forums and IRC to make a procedural surface interact with physics. Another few hours of forums and videos and I still can't find a way to texture it, and I give up. It might be a really good engine, I might be just missing the point or rejecting a learning curve, but right now it is getting in my way more than it is helping and I don't have enough energy left after a day job to care. I am quite sad to miss one of these events, but I guess every experiment has a "failed" condition, and I was bound to one day.
loko08 says...
They were answering any questions that you have directly! I just don't remember where :( sorry :(
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