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Party like it's 1979, except way faster
(image is animated - click post title to see it in action - highly recommended!) I've mostly been posting this sort of crap on my twitter (@fanzyflani), but yeah, currently I have a realtime Whitted raytracer that's all shiny and reflective and weird and stuff. The world is actually defined using a 2D grid in a text file, and there's portals to make it nice and non-Euclidean. You can even make them one-way just in case you feel like trolling everyone. On top of that, you are able to set up an infinite rampcase so even without the portals it Eschers Euclid over the head. Yesterday I managed to get an object system kinda working. There's a few kinks to iron out in that engine, though (mostly fog, height stuff and portals). Today I'd like to get Lua integrated and have all the object control happening in there. Could be good having world definitions and adjustments happening too. Also, moving the "player" physics to Lua should tidy things up a bit. (Also, now that I realise this: I'm developing this on FreeBSD, which has a copyright statement dating back to... 1979. Hmm.)
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cce says...
This is UNIX, I know this. Looking seriously cool, I hope you get something playable out (and maybe a Linux port?) so we can all marvel at it.
fanzyflani says...
Here's the git repo if you want to try building it yourself, shouldn't be too hard: https://github.com/iamgreaser/pwnfps.git
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