|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Day 4
I finished up a bunch of small technical details today, and got three levels built. I'm definitely going to cut down on the number of levels. I'm thinking 6 instead of 10. I may be able to squeeze in 7, but I think I'd rather polish the 6 and the mechanics than try to push how much content I can build. But the game is becoming fun to play. It's pretty simple, haha, but I'm pleased with it. I'm satisfied with how close it is to what was in my head. That doesn't always happen. I'll try to record a playthrough tomorrow. So many people have been putting up media for their projects, and I could, but it looks so rough at the moment. It's all work lighting and nothing has materials, so I figured I'd just wait until the game looks a little better. Anyways, tomorrow is just building stuff. I'm going to try to build and polish as much as I can, with the goal being finishing all of the content that's going to be in the game. And what I don't finish I'll just cut, because I want time for the HUD and menus and polish. I'm ok with not having a bunch of content because I feel even what I have now is a good representation of my concept. So, yeah, I'm excited about tomorrow. Level building is my favorite part, as I am a level designer by trade, haha. I should also have more time tomorrow too, because I had a couple work things to take care of today. So I'm looking for more progress than today. That's it for me. Later y'all.
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