|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
the midway slump
I've barely scraped together an hour or two between the past couple days. I'm banking more and more on the mythical "Friday!" as a hope to finish everything. The maze is only roughly, maybe, 20% blocked out. And it's meant to be quite small! So the player isn't too familiar with the layout (and there aren't too many contextual clues), I have pictured a kind of fictionalized architecture/style to the house. I realized today what I was picturing is largely inspired by Jim Woodring's Frank. As for whether I can actually make something visually interesting at all remains left to be seen. I'm hoping there will be some sense of exploration driving the player as much as this goal or puzzle or sense of having to escape/get outside. Wednesday is my break day for some other somethings, so I might be able to finish the maze then, at least holding loosely onto my initial timeline. I'm thinking worst-case we'll at least make it a good chunk in and won't be too far behind schedule. We'll see!
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