|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Introducing Nathaniel
Hi, I am Nathaniel Fisher, aka NJDFisher, one half of FK Productions, a group that creates all types of media. Obviously, as we are making a game for this jam, we will need to use practically all of our skills to create all types of media for the game. But which roles will be mine, you ask!? Well, as I create
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brobeur says...
Hi there! It will be great to have some sounds from you, I am willing to return some services. I've checked your site but it's very hard to find contact info (your contact page links to video), might want to fix this. Skype is good for me - add me on galf1813 or flick me an Email at will@artcontrol.me I didn't get long to work on my game in Unity (had work) and spent the majority of time sketching concepts. The game is a base foe what I may extend.
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