|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Enemy Animations, check
I began modeling an enemy but then I realized I won't make it at all in time. 2/3 hours per day is too damn short, so I took a model I did during a polycount challenge last year, which was doing some 3D scene in a month. Rigging and skinning Bigul took me an hour, I saved a lot of time because of the way I modeled him, with seperated objects. He's almost a lego with rotating joints. Then I made 8 animations, took me 2 hours. It was fun to animate that huge gorilla. Maybe I'll add more stuff later, like a hulk smash or a polka dance or whatever. However I wasn't sure about the rotate toward player animation (the jumping one) and I absolutely have no time to waste... But it turned out kind of alright in the game~ I'm almost finished with the basic AI code, I'll post another video of it all working ingame very soon.
Looks pretty pro :).
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