|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Getting Somewhere
I'm still alive, just went down a rabbit hole. Got lost in making material FX, fixed some more issues, batch imported 50 props now and build a couple of basic "levels". Most importantly I still need a character, weapon and FPV arms. Also probably a name, how about "Shootmephrenic" or "I am I Left". A important tip:http://i.imgur.com/eRRBeWD.jpg Here it comes: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532141577377165312 Vines reverse chronological (No Drugs have been consumed in the making of this): https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532238005839593474 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532141654195847168 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531987900544458752 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531982655303479296 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531978762188226560 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531950206255108096 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531913818553995264 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531913119233490945 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/531908812438241280
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