|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
how to blender, again?
I just realized I've completely neglected the S of FPS -- shooting. Right there in the name of the genre. Ha! Take that, establishment. A while back a hummingbird got stuck under the porch skylight. It reminded me of the way flies get stuck at windows: they are caught at local maxima. The only way out is to turn around and go deeper into where you think you don't want to be. If I manage to target a theme at all in this <strike>mess</strike> maze, it's that. Not backtracking, exactly (which just seems tedious), more like: having to go the one place you don't want to go. Of course, if there were some actual threats (instead of just a passive environmental maze) this might be easier... But I'll be lucky just to finish a very basic maze! Fugetabout extras like ventilation fan blades or (gasp!) people swatting at you. (For now, at least... *shifty eyes*.)
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