|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Gun, Character and Physics
Currently blocking in the gun. It is not a revolver because it has only room for one big bullet! The laser under the barrel will be very useful for killing yourself. I will make no high poly with it because I'm running out of time. Instead I make a something between high poly and low poly without normal map baking. I also made a character, well, I cheated a bit. I just used the old sculpt I made of Jon Stewart and replaced his head. Sorry Jon, I needed your suit and also your body! Making the low poly (quick and dirty low poly), baking, texture setup and the rigging still required a lot of time though and I still need to give his skin a real paint job, he looks kinda unhealthy currently. Here is he who will be also you: http://i.imgur.com/G2rnwHz.jpg Physics: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532968194001358848 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532967165482508288 I run into problems with physics, problems that I never run into in the Unreal Engine 3. Here you can see what I mean: http://i.imgur.com/BW6PjmM.gif http://i.imgur.com/TXeFUBu.gif It is now working mostly but the fingers are still giving me the finger quite often: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532965369980669952 https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532964009461706752 Relatively good: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom/status/532959766554103809
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