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Oculoids attack! Short short post-mortem
(added PC and Mac standalone builds in addition to original browser build) Hey all! I was far too busy jamming during the 7 days to post updates, but I figured I'd briefly talk about the process. THE GOOD!!! 1) I liked the pixelated effect I came up with. It makes everything look more unified and stylish, and it makes the art process extremely forgiving. 2) The characters ended up with loads of personality. All the look-at constraints and attachments for different spell afflictions turned out really cool. 3) I learned a *TON* about several aspects of coding. That, in itself, makes the jam worthwhile. THE BAD!!! 1) I was too ambitious as usual. The game basically has nine different weapons, and nine different spells they cast, and every time you play it rearranges which weapons to which spells. Basically the goal is experiment every time you play to find which weapons are good for you and which will turn the enemies into huge bosses. This system was really complex for a coding noob like myself to maintain, and halfway through the jam it was clear how much systemic complexity I created, and how I needed to better understand arrays and matrixes for dealing with info between different objects. 2) Day 4 was a complete waste. I created a random dungeon generator, which technically worked... but only after playing in those generated worlds did I realize I didn't want the game to happen in halls and corridors. The AI couldn't navigate the areas well, they couldn't surround you, your path was always blocked and the physics aren't good enough to handle it well. Just a total waste of a day. I really should have made a rough level BEFORE doing all of that to try it out, I got ahead of myself and it bit me. 3) I love sounds, sounds add impact and feedback, sounds are amazing features and I really enjoy making them and implementing those systems. Clearly... error number 2, wasting a day on random levels, meant my budget for sound design just flew out the window. I'm crushed by this, but there wasn't much of a choice when choosing between things like "sounds" or "the game actually working". I just bought a cheesy song off Sound Rangers at the last minute for $30, and I even wish I had time to find a better song, haha :-/ 4) The physics/AI are super wonky. I ran out of time before another AI polish pass, so they really crowd into you too tightly and their colliders fling you all over the place. On the last day I just embraced it, surrounded the level with blocking volumes, and accepted that I was a jumping ninja wizard noob now. Haha. Overall, previously I've only done the LD48 2-day jams... comparatively this felt freakin' luxurious! That said, I should have scoped lower and got a playable build earlier. Regardless, still proud of pulling off what I did as one person in a week. Hope you enjoy it! Twitter = @MrLeePerry Blog = http://devfodder.blogspot.com/ The Game! = http://mrleeperry.itch.io/attack-of-the-oculoids
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