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Mosh Pit - final thoughts + the game's future
looks like a lot of people are doing a sort of 'debrief' post, so i might as well follow suit. overall Dylan Brodie (artist) and i (Jack Huygens, programmer) were quite happy with how this game turned out. we were aiming for a fast paced FPS that existed purely for the focus of FUN. After all the hundreds upon hundreds of slow, 'realistic', gritty and over-all boring FPS games around these days, it's great to think about what FPS games can be. realism is dragging down the genre, making it slow and limited. people say the FPS's are getting stale, but what they mean is that 'realistic shooters' are becoming stale, FPS's still have tons of ground to cover! so, what about Mosh Pit then? i hope that we succeeded in making a fun FPS, and from the feedback we've gotten it looks like we did! thank you all very much to the people who played Mosh Pit, and even more so to those who left feedback! we thoroughly appreciate it. now for this game's future... though i won't guarantee it, it's likely that we will be coming back to this game at a later date and turning it into something worth selling (for a very budget price of course, something around $2). we would love to add things like a much, MUCH better selection of weapons, elemental effects and special projectiles (like homing balls of electricity). on top of that we would re-work the whole wave system and bring in things like special wave properties, themes and challenges (much like the 'underdome' in borderlands). and most of all, we would give the game a proper map with several sub-arenas linked together in a stage-themed hell-world. so there ya go. overall, this was a lot of fun. if you want to have a look at the other game's we're working on (like a game about birds, and a game about tanks) then have a look at the Gaugepunk Games blog: http://gaugepunk.blogspot.co.nz/ there's also a youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIUQ-6KA7pBHKuKaR3fsqIQ and a twitter page: https://twitter.com/gaugepunk_games oh, and of course, the game link: http://itch.io/jam/7dfps/rate/13746 thank you all for a great jam!
Baz says...
The game already feels very slick, I think you could really develop it into a full game. Great job!
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