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Verticorpse Plots and Plans #1
After getting in several games of Verticorpse between submission and now, I have some ideas for future improvements. I thought I'd start logging them here and explaining my logic behind them. One observation is that if you're fairly good at shooters in general, it can be a pretty dominant strategy to go HAM and move around constantly. I want to counter-balance this a bit to make it advantageous to hide, while still leaving room for running around. I think it's the most fun when people approach combat spaces with caution, so I want to make conditions for that more favorable. The Gun I put a slow reload on the gun with the intent that if you shot at a dummy it would alert everyone to your position and give them a window to react before you could fire again, hoping to make people more cautious about when they shot. This works a little bit, but I want to push it further, so I'm thinking perhaps an even slower reload on the gun, more of a railgun type situation. I'm also considering putting a more significant tracer on the gun, so when someone shoots and misses you have a bit of a better idea of where the shot came from. Advantages to Hiding One moment that happens a lot that's really fun is when I'm running down the hallway past what I think is a statue, and then it turns towards me and takes a shot. It's startling and delightful, but it's not so much fun when the statue misses. I feel like these moments should be more advantageous for the statue person than the runner. We were discussing this in the chat and one idea that came up was to give a person standing still some kind of accumulating auto aim or homing, or perhaps runners accumulating bigger hitboxes, So if you're standing still and someone dashes past you, it's a bit easier to hit them. Something like this might wildly knock the balance in the opposite way, which I'd have to be careful of, but I'd like to at least try it. Figuring out the fastest way to implement it to try it out will be the tricky bit. A less complicated way to try and address the same problem would be to just take out sprint, though I like the loud sprint sound that alerts everyone to your presence. I may give this a try first before trying any fancy complicated auto-aim stuff. People have also given me many wonderful suggestions for how to approach the art in the game, all of which are amazing, but are a bit beyond my abilities. I'll probably keep focusing on gameplay for the time being, and supportive art, before I get around to trying anything fancy. Stay tuned for more observations!
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thanks for the post!
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