|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Bullet Camera!
I have not thought that I would still work on it today. I only wanted to fix a rare bug where you could not progress anymore then I made some more tweaks, added some more sounds and then I had that idea with the bullet camera and it turned out to be much more tricky then I first thought. Anyway, you can now view through the camera attached on your bullet simply by holding middle mouse, it greatly adds to the craziness when you reflect on the panels and then fly into your own head! Direct Link: http://t.co/b68m3hGqFh There are some cool new screenshots on the itch.io page: http://tocogames.itch.io/shootmephrenia Twitter: https://twitter.com/TocoGamescom
KarlaB says...
THanks! Nice post!
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