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First Screenshot!
At first, it sounds mad that it's taken 4 months to get to this point, but in-game screenshot support isn't something that's been a high priority for me. It's been difficult to find time to focus on Winter's Wake, but since my last post, I have managed to achieve a few bits and pieces that get the game closer to the kind of experience I want to convey. This includes:
  • Stereo positional audio support
  • Scene transitions
  • Timed events
  • Vertical orientation indicator (there's a placeholder "viewcone" type indicator in the screenshot above)
  • Mac support
  • Windows support
  • Action indicator icons
  • Screenshot support
Note that the game already ran and will always run on Linux first - that's my development platform :) There've also been a bunch of refactoring/structure changes that I've made along the way, and Henry has been on-and-off working on additional puzzle logic support (which I'm hoping to tidy up and integrate this weekend). In the short term, once the puzzle logic system is behaving well enough, I'll switch to focus on getting the game's first act up and happening for an early tech demo. From there, I'll probably move onto supporting additional input devices. I'm also planning to spend time making small single scene tests which re-create worthy locations from games, films and books as an exercise in exploring what aspects convey a sense of recognisable space. This should also help me refine my workflows and improve content creation tools. There's a bunch more UI functionality that I'd like to enhance and polish up, and a few unknown areas such as interactive dialogue that I need to dedicate time to assessing the viability of (they're super prominent in adventure games, but the UI that I'm building is necessarily simple to a point where selecting dialogue options will be tricky). One thing that the past four months have highlighted to me have been that there are too many other activities in my life for me to be able to give game development the kind of attention I'd like to, so I'm in the process of rebalancing things to allow me to focus on getting Winter's Wake ready for release. Part of this might involve a crowdfunding campaign, but I won't be able to push ahead with that until I can clearly demonstrate the type of gameplay and experiences I'm aiming to provide.
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