|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
I've got what should be a good idea, but I've gone and come up with an idea that will rely heavily on animation. Which I can't do. Help! So far, I'm not sure whether to just use the current working title of "Stealth Kitten", or to name it something ridiculous like Mr. Tiddles Saves the Glorious Revolution, but either way the idea is that you play as a cat who can bring down the government via infiltrating a government building (either using stealth or social engineering - purring and being cute) and publishing their secrets (walking over keyboards). It even allows for one of my key gripes with most first-person games to be solved - its not everythings fine, health hits zero game over, but allows for non-terminal failure states; someone can just pick you up and take you outside if you get caught somewhere. I love gamejams. I love the anticipation of having an idea, being convinced its amazing, and a vague idea of what it ought to look like. Then the crushing disappointment of it not looking anywhere near that good at the end. So yeah, please help.
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