|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Hello World! Introduction post :)
Hi there all, the name's Ryan. I plan to create video-games as a full-time career pretty soon and I thought there could be no better way to celebrate the transition then by trying with wits at 7DPS. My tools of choice are Unity/UDK/Flash, with basic-intermediate knowledge of C# - US - AS2/3 - Java. I'm here mainly to have fun but to also find a programmer who can use Unity or UDK to bring some crazy ideas I have to life. In the industry, I'm not just an ideas man, I enjoy creating 2D art/textures and creating 3D models, as well as sprouting stories from my noggin. I look forward to the challenge ahead! Good luck everybody :)
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"..wits at 7DPS.." 7 Damage Per Second? Pah, so measely :) You sound like you have a similar focus to me, cool. Luckily I have already found an amazing programmer, my best friend Daniel. Handy eh? Looking forwards to your participation, and hope you check our game GLOBEAT out :)
brobeur says...
Hi there Ryan, I'm a game designer who works in Unity3d, I'd be interested in working with you to develop something. Nice portrait!
FKProd - My bad :P But thanks and I will ;) @Brobeur - Sure man! Let's hook up!
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