|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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Greetings from France!
Hello everyone! I just saw a post on Brendon Chung's blog about 7DFPS. I remember watching last year 7DFPS without participating, a lot of entries were pretty interesing. Along side with Koumei Satou (佐藤 孔盟) (Sweet Half-Life, Mistake of Pythagoras), Brendon Chung is one of my favorite artist and I can only say that I dream to acheive what he did. Running a single-man company and make the games he want). So far I have very little experience with video game programming. I'm a UNIX guru and a FLOSS activist, I only use GNU/Linux (ArchLinux more precisely). I have reasonnable C programming skill, very tiny C++ programming skills. I also like to toy with scripting languages (Shell, Lua, Python) but I haven't done anything serious with it. I'm also confortable with GIMP and Audacity. Blender is a little complex for me, but I'm lacking practice. My participation to 7DFPS may end up being a spectacular faillure. But so far so good, I'm tired of waiting for the "proper moment" to dig into game programming. I have no idea where to start for this contest. Writing a game from scratch is probably unrealistic and I would probably better off using an already existing game engine (Quake Engine, id Tech 2, 3, 4). If you have any suggestions, I'll be happy to hear them! See you on August 10 :)
Teh_Bucket says...
Most people use Unity3d engine/gamemaker, it makes this kind of speed-fps-making a lot easier. It uses C# or javascript. As for blender, keep practicing, it's a great tool.
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