|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
_-USER UNIDENTIFIED _-USER: Kontrol_Keal _-PASSKEY: ******** _-PASSKEY ACCEPTED _-WELCOME KONTROL _-micro First.Post _-FILE CREATED =MICRO EDITOR STARTED==== _-My name is Kontrol Ke'al. I make games, DJ, and like to make fake linux prompts. For this years FPS I am thinking of something really nerdy and involves two of the above skills. _-I will also probably be hosting a 7DFPS event at the Hacker Dojo in the Silicon Valley if anyone else wants to come. It will be towards the end of the event. _-Anyways, enough about me. Best of luck to everyone in making their FPS's. _-This is Kontrol Ke'al signing out. =MICRO EDITOR STOPPED==== _-publish First.Post http://7dfps.com/ _-PUBLISHED TEXT TO GIVEN SITE _-shutdown -t "now" _-SHUTDOWN STARTED _-ALL PROCESSES KILLED, SHUTTING DOWN
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