|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
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My first 7DFPS
Hi Guys, This is my first post and also my first programming or game making competition ever. My goals for this game is to create a western style shooting game, but with the added twist that it will use a hopefully more complex and unique system for handling damage than most other people. I want to have a heart as a child of the character, so that when it is hit it will reduce the body's ability to oxygenate various parts, and degrade the ability to move. I am not sure how to simulate this yet but I will do my best. I also haven't done much 3d modelling or used unity to do pretty much anything before, and haven't even textured a box in Blender, so my textures most likely will be very simplistic. I doubt also that i will have any complex animations or recoil, but i think i can do a countdown of a variable created upon an event to manage flashing and recoil and shooting speed limits. My goal for the level is some sort of shootout scenario in a stereotypical western town with a simple blue backdrop and sandy colored bumpy ground. There should be houses /building/saloons around as well.
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