|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
We are in with "LEAD!"
Hello fellow 7FPSers! We're a team of two, and we're going to try and make a prototype of a game we literally came up with one day before I found out about 7DFPS! LEAD! is a turn-based-strategy with third-person-shooter elements set in a small, old-western settlement (or, that's the concept at least). might not be so FPSish, but rest assured shooting will be the prime factor of the game :D We think it's a fun concept. It might be a bit too ambitious, especially considering we both have no experience making 3D graphics, and I only have little experience with 3D and network coding. However we hope to be able to build a cool proof of concept during the 7DFPS! I'm currently trying to set up a DevLog where we can explain the details in a orderly fashion and show what we're doing, but there are some server issues at the moment, so here goes: About a week ago (time flies!) we discussed some crazy game concepts. At one point our conversation came to the "Turn Based Strategy First Person Shooter" - no clue if that has ever been done - and we kinda got going with an idea. We figured something where you would command your soldiers around and then actually become these soldiers for a short while in FPS fashion might work. We kept discussing this for a bit and finally came up with the idea for LEAD!. It is a turn based strategy game set in an old town in the wild west. There's just one street with buildings on both sides. You control a small group of 'outlaws' with various skillsets, trying to claim the town. However there is another group tyring to do the same. In TBS fashion you move your characters over a grid, trying to kill the enemy before they kill you. However, when one character has a clear shot on enemy character, a shootout starts where you both get to empty your weapon at the opponent. Either one of you gets killed, or you both live on, ready for the next round. These shootouts will be the primary source of damage, with the TBS action being primarly at getting terrain advantage (being on top of a building for example) and using your characters special traits to dish out some mean debuffs or suprise an opponent. Cheers and good luck everyone!
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