|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Hello everyone, my name is Tryggve Sollid, I'm from Norway and I'm here to make a kickin' rad FPS game called Seizure. It's called Seizure because it'll be a dubstep FPS where the level, your weapons and your enemies react to the beat of the music, with flashing lights absolutely everywhere. So maybe not something you should play if you have epilepsy. Anyway, I'm already working on this along with my graphics guy, and hopefully I'll have something to show over the weekend. Hopefully, because I won't have much time during the week 7dfps is supposed to actually take place. Good luck everyone!
Not very original, seeing as though the first game registered was a rhythm-based shooter (our game).
But you know what, whether you thought of it of your own Steam or not, I'm just glad we registered our game first. And besides, we need some competition right? This is meant to be fun, so the best of look and I look forwards to seeing your game :D
danbo says...
Jeez, not a great first comment. Good luck anyway.
Fetthesten says...
@FKProductions Yeah, that's weird, I checked out the listings last night and noticed we had more or less the same idea. It's a total coincidence, I came up with the idea earlier this week and started working on it immediately. I'd wager our games won't end up being too similar, though; "rhythm-based FPS" can mean a lot of things. I'm eagerly anticipating your game as well, and wish you the best of luck. More cool music-based games = more fun for everyone. :)
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