|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Challenge accepted
Hey peeps! This 'll be my first jam thing and I'm pretty excited! So @KittyCalis came to me at work asking if I was gonna participate. I wasn't sure at first because if have a fulltime programming job at ISOTX and am working on my own project in my spare time. Though since I haven't really finished anything significant of my own just yet I decided to go try a jam and see if I could get something done in time. I'm an ass for badly written code so I always try to get everything as neat and OOP as possible. This does result in me taking a lot of time to get stuff done the right way which doesn't always help the progress. I hope with the added "time-constriction" of the 7 days, will help me get this thing done. The concept I got for my jam-game is fairly simple since I'll be doing all things on my own: concept, programming, art amd music. I'm a jack of all trades so I hope to be able to get this all of the ground. I've created a list with core gameplay and some cool features that I could implement if I got more time. We'll see what it's gonna be. Soja out!
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