|||| 8 - 15 nov 2014 ||||
7DFPS ...
Models done, game incoming!
I recently switched from 3ds max to Blender, and in order to learn the new software, I started modelling some fairly random models. A couple of weapons later I wanted to create a suite of quirky weapons for a multiplayer game... or something along those lines. The models are what came out of that idea, and during 7DFPS I plan to code the actual game. The game will be some sort of dueling game with a fairly large selection of weapons (obviously). The weapons won't be extremely balanced, there will be some that are fairly effective against others, and players will probably adjust and prefer to use some of them over others. I plan to use this to create some sort of cool picking game at the start of each round, imagine MOBA style. There's even a reason for the number of weapons, I'll just let this image tickle your imagination:
sounds exciting! do you need any help with music/sound?
Follett says...
Looks awesome, especially like the top right gun!
Cheeseness says...
I love the colours you've chosen here. As I said in IRC, great work! :D
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